Sunday, March 31, 2013

Love the Lunchbox

My youngest is the only one left in school and by far my easiest to please when it comes to food.  I have to admit, his school does a terrific job providing a lunch for $2.  They have multiple choices, very healthy and no sub grade anything!  But there are just some days he really wants to do his own thing and bring something made at home. We try to keep it interesting, it's a way to get him to eat the good stuff and he actually sees it as s type of reward.  Yes, I reward my kid with veggies, lol...and he loves it!  Here are a few ideas we have come across.  They are not all easy, but with a little patience and practice it turns out pretty neat!

They might get a little messed up in transit to school, but they have fun putting it back together before they eat it!  Of course some items get wrapped to separate from the more moist ingredients to keep them from getting soggy.  It's not nearly as much work as it looks and it makes my kiddo a happy luncher!  I might even get a mention or two during lunch... 


This one is just too cute and contains many of my son's favorite things.  Packaging will be your biggest hurdle to get over.  I reuse the heck out containers from anywhere and everywhere.  To go boxes, deli container and I have a slight addiction to buying the ones that catch my eye.  It's cheaper than a shoe addiction and they stack better when stored! :)

These are also fun for lunches at home, and it takes away the chance of it getting messed up in the containers!  Finger food are fun to throw in and fun for the little ones.  I have even made my own up like these for work, lol.  It gets a few questions asked, but really I do it to see how well it travels before sending it with my son.  Trial and error, I'll make that sacrifice in the name of a good lunch!

Making lunch fun is a easy and healthy reward for kids.  The more fun you make it the more likely they are to eat it.  Healthy in disguise and gone before you know it!

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