Thursday, April 18, 2013

Panda Bread and Panda Cupcakes

I am a sucker for a cute little character, and this panda cupcake is no exception.  It may look complicated, but it's not as hard as you would think.  I found the recipe on several sights and all had the same picture I used here, lol.  Here is the general consensus on how they are made:  

-the flavor is up to you, I chose vanilla so I just had to use one mix (make them large!)
-make the same amount of small (mini size) cupcakes
-Chocolate, white vanilla and black frosting (use the small store bought tube of gel frosting.
-package of regular Oreos
-package of Mini Oreos
-mini chocolate chips

-Each panda needs 2 regular sized Oreos cut in half
-frost the mini cupcakes with vanilla frosting for the head
-paint eyes and mouth with black frosting (use chocolate chip, large side out to add to eyes
-use the mini chocolate chips for the nose
-use 2 halves of the mini Oreos for the ears
-Scrape the white filling off of some Oreos and place the cookies in a baggie to crush
-Frost the large cupcakes with the chocolate frosting
-Coat the top of the big cupcake (by dipping it in) the cookie crumbs
-Attach each head to the body, (use toothpicks to keep in place)
-Use 2 halves of reg. Oreos for the arms, use a bit of the chocolate frosting to attach
-Paint the nails on, (can be helpful to use a toothpick)
-Set the feet at the base, (no need to attach)

This recipe might be a little tricky, but I used Google Translate to make some sense of it.  Here is the link:   It was too cute to not pass along.  It would make a little one's lunch interesting and fun.  Plus, who doesn't like Pandas?!  This actually opens up a whole new idea for me.  It has me wondering what else I can make like this.  You don't even have to use the green tea, can use food coloring and let your imagination run wild.  Just watch that it looks eatable, lol.

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